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Hebei LONGYE pipeline Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd


Hebei LONGYE pipeline Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.,

Hebei LONGYE pipeline Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd., a private joint-stock limited liability company founded in 2006, formerly known as Hebei LONGYE mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., was incorporated into Hebei LONGYE pipeline manufacturing group in 2012. Its subsidiaries are Yanshan Longhao mechanical equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yanshan longpeng Trading Co., Ltd. and Yanshan Yanfa pipe fittings manufacturing Co., Ltd; It is located in puwacheng Industrial Zone, Yanshan County, China's pipeline equipment base, bordering Bohai Bay, Huanghua port, Tianjin Shantou Expressway and Han Huang railway in the East, Beijing and Tianjin in the north, with superior environment and convenient transportation. It covers an area of 99990 square meters, a construction area of 42000 square meters, a total asset of more than 80 million yuan and a registered capital of 52.88 million yuan. The total assets of the group are 110 million yuan, and the company has 380 employees, of which engineering and technical personnel account for 18% of the total employees.
Relying on Colleges and universities, scientific research and development as the guide, people-oriented and development. It has obtained the quality management system certification required by GB / T 19001-2008 / ISO 9001:2008 standard with registration number of cqm-13-2010-0009-0001, and is approved to engage in the system license of pressure pipeline components, with number of TS 2713106-2014, the special equipment manufacturing license of the people's Republic of China, the safety registration of pressure pipeline component manufacturers, Sinopec, Guodian equipment and spare parts network members, and the national AAA brand enterprise of quality integrity, Agricultural Bank of China Hebei Branch: AAA credit enterprise.
The production equipment is complete and advanced, and there are more than 220 sets / sets of various equipment. The largest and most advanced manufacturing and processing center in the region is settled in the company. With excellent manufacturing technology and the concept of creating high-quality products, fulfilling commitments, honest society, continuous improvement and creating brilliance, we design and produce all kinds of high, medium and low-pressure pipe fittings, steel pipes, wear-resistant pipes, plastic lining, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation pipes, valves, flanges and non-ferrous metals; It is an overall production line for the production of special and special-shaped pipe fittings in chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and petroleum, as well as special equipment and equipment for the production of pipe fittings. Professional services at home and abroad have been highly praised by users, established a good reputation, and achieved good social and economic benefits.
Integrity is the purpose, prosperity is the goal, high-quality products occupy the market, make close friends all over the world, and go hand in hand to create a great cause.

From design to delivery, responsible for every pipe fitting

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